Australia’s South West Wellness Tourism Strategy

Wellness Tourism Strategy

Be part of shaping Australia’s South West’s Wellness Tourism Strategy

Wellness tourism and travel has been growing in popularity over recent years, and the impacts of COVID-19 have only increased its popularity further. 

 Thinking about the impact of COVID-19 on travel preferences and behaviour, 16% of Sydney / Melbourne residents and 22% of Perth residents agree they now prefer a wellness holiday*. 

Wellness holidays or travelling to rejuvenate are travel motivators that also provide economic returns for the destination of choice. Encompassing several disciplines and the ability to develop wellness tourism specific infrastructure and events, the benefits are wide ranging and customisable to the characteristics of each destination. 

Wellness tourism was identified as a product development opportunity during the development of the ASW Tourism Destination Management Plan (TDMP) which  prioritises the demand, supply and capability needs for the region over the next 10 years. This plan will be launched in the coming months by Tourism WA. 

As a destination already offering a diverse range of wellness activities, including nature experiences, hospitality with a link to local produce, wellness based accommodations, activities and experiences, the ASW region has significant opportunity to capitalise on the growing trend of wellness tourism to attract high yielding travellers. 

The project will; 

  • define the wellness tourism opportunity for the ASW region; 
  • develop the Wellness Tourism Strategic Plan for the ASW region; 
  • drive high-yielding visitors to the ASW region through strategic marketing focused on the wellness traveller; and 
  • provide industry with access to wellness research and strategies to attract the wellness traveller, including product development opportunities 

ASW is adopting a collaborative approach to this project. This includes consultation with sub-regional and local tourism organisations, state government agencies, local government authorities, business chambers and industry councils. 

It’s also important for Australia’s South West to hear from the operators within the region to help shape the strategy. We have developed a survey with this in mind, please access the survey here. Within the survey there is an opportunity to let us know if you would like to have a more in-depth conversation around wellness tourism and your business. 

This TDMP project is supported by Tourism WA and is being undertaken by Australia’s South West in conjunction with Destination Wellbeing and Concept 2 Strategy 

If you would like to know more about the project, please contact the Lisa Spencer at [email protected]

*Source: Kantar on behalf of Tourism WA, COVID-19 Monthly Report, February 2021