Tourism Events

Australia’s South West offers a full calendar of food and wine, outdoors, lifestyle and multicultural events which means there is always something on.

Events in the region provide a great opportunity for tourism business’ to market and capture an audience that is already travelling to the region. 

Link in with local events to market your accommodation, services or activities directly to event-goers.

You can also encourage visitors to extend their stay before and after the event to experience even more of the area, or provide incentives to book a return visit.

Our marketing team work closely with the Perth Business Events team and major regional event organisers to attract events to the region, increasing year round visitation. We also ensure that there is cross promotion of accommodation and tourism product. 

Contact us and see how you can leverage off these events and attract more clients to your business.

Below is a description of the type of events that happen in Australia’s South West.

Business Events

Host or package products aimed at the business events market.

Business Events are made up of meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions. Definitions are generally understood to be: 

Meetings – using a commercial venue with more than 15 people attending 

Incentives – programs offered to high achievers within a company to recognise and reward their achievements

Conventions or conferences – large gatherings of people, often attracting international visitors. Generally, there is also an exhibition attached to a conference or convention, and 

Exhibitions – gatherings where suppliers display their products and services for trade and public exhibition purposes. 

Australia’s South West have developed a business events strategy in consultation with our stakeholders that provides a framework to attract and deliver business events to the region. 

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how your business can work with us in attracting business events.

Major Regional Events

Plan your marketing activities around our amazing food and wine events, jazz performances, surfing tournaments and film festivals.

Are you looking to leverage off our Major Regional Events?

The region celebrates with major festivals and special events that attract a number of intrastate, interstate and international visitors throughout the year, so get on board with these events and create packages that help bring more visitors to your region. 

Visit our events page for a full list of major events nearby and plan your marketing activity around them.

Industry Events

Australia's South West regularly travels through the region to meet with members and attend events. Through these events we aim to understand the needs of businesses so we can advocate for you, and share news and insights from across the tourism industry.

We deliver and partner to offer a number of events including training, trade shows, industry updates and member networking. Getting involved can help with staying up to date with national and state tourism activity and issues, as well as provide valuable opportunities to collaborate with other operators.

Contact us about our Industry Events Calendar to find out what’s coming up.

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Submit your event for inclusion in our annual event calendar celebrating the communities, wildlife, food, wine, music, arts, heritage and culture of Australia’s South West.