Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

Our Strategy

Australia’s South West brings together the industry through four strategic pillars to drive the visitor economy to support regional businesses and retain jobs.

Efficient & Effective Marketing

We promote and drive desire for our region with a relevant marketing strategy and competent use of our marketing spend.

As a Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) our role is to paint a picture of our region to entice visitors to dream about and book our destination. Marketing can seem like some strange and ethereal thing but in essence we get imagery created, purchase ads and try and connect directly with the visitor to tell them what an amazing experience they could have in the South West. Marketing is most effective with a greater pool of funds so often we seek to collaboratively market with our partners and member operators.

Access & Regional Dispersal

We support and work with Tourism WA to grow accessibility into our region and develop strategies and initiatives to encourage dispersal around our region.

With direct flights straight into the South West we now have the opportunity to get visitors to stay longer and spend more with our operators. Our goal is to get more direct flights into the region and importantly, to get them to disperse once they get here. There is so much to be discovered across our region, we hope that through strategic marketing we can get visitors to discover the unexpected corners of our region.

Destination Development

We are the catalyst to support stakeholders achieve the region’s development priorities to drive visitation and spend in our region. We will also support growth in capacity and capability of regional tourism operators.

As an organisation, we do so much more than just marketing and sometimes we have to plan for the future. In developing a Tourism Destination Management Plan (TDMP) we are essentially creating a wish list of realistic opportunities for our region, all nestled together in a 10 year plan. This could be anything from identifying what new infrastructure we need to what new markets we will want to work with in the future or identifying opportunities for growth in the region.

Driving Industry Engagement

We work collaboratively with our stakeholders to build a resilient tourism industry and a cohesive region, and perform a conduit role between Tourism WA and industry.

Our region is only as strong as the tourism businesses, the local governments, the development commissions and the other organisations that make it up. All owned, operated and managed by locals who have a passion for sharing their home with visitors. We strive to be an anchor point for all those people to come together and connect.

Our Strategic Plan

Download a copy of Australia’s South West’s Strategic Plan.